Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program can help you with heating and utility costs and certain essential heating equipment repairs. You may be able to get Home Energy Assistance if:

  • You receive Temporary Assistance
  • You receive Food Stamp Benefits
  • Your income is at or below current guidelines
  • You receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Regular HEAP opens on November 13, 2017.
Emergency HEAP opens January 2, 2018.

You may apply for HEAP online at www.mybenefits.ny.gov. When you file online, you can track your application and benefits. Applying online is easy and assures that your application is received right away.

It is very important for you to keep current on your utility bills.
If you fall behind prior to HEAP opening you should contact the company and try to make some arrangement for payment.

  • Non-heating electric shut offs cannot be paid with Regular HEAP Benefits
  • All interviews can be done over the phone as long as a HEAP application has been filed either through myBenefits.ny.gov or in paper form with the agency.
  • You should not wait until you are out of fuel to apply for HEAP. You should let us know when you are low on fuel (less than a quarter tank), as the non-utility fuel companies may charge a delivery fee if they have to deliver "off route" because you are out of fuel. This charge is deducted from your HEAP grant, so you will receive less fuel from your HEAP grant.
  • If you have a shut off notice on your natural gas or electric, you need to let us know prior to being shut off. If your service is shut off the company does not have to take the HEAP grant to turn on you back on.
Most individuals or families receiving either Temporary Assistance or SNAP benefits on September 17, 2017 will receive a one-time Regular HEAP benefit through that case and do not need to apply separately.

Remember on November 13th you can go to www.myBenefits.ny.gov and apply for Regular HEAP. The site will provide you with eligibility information and allow you to track your application.

If you are a Livingston County resident and unable to apply online, you may request an application be mailed to you by calling (585) 243-7300 and asking for a HEAP application. Applications are mailed and accepted starting November 13th at:

Livingston County Department of Social Services
1 Murray Hill Drive
Mount Morris, NY 14510


HH Size

Tier I

Tier II


0 to 1,307

1,308 to 2,318


0 to 1,759

1,760 to 3,031


0 to 2,212

2,213 to 3,744


0 to 2,665

2,666 to 4,457


0 to 3,118

3,119 to 5,170


0 to 3,571

3,572 to 5,883


0 to 4,024

4,025 to 6,017


0 to 4,476

4,477 to 6,150


0 to 4,929

4,930 to 6,284


0 to 5,382

5,383 to 6,418


0 to 5,835

5,836 to 6,733




Categorical Eligibility: A household is categorically income eligible (Tier I) if at least one member of the HEAP household is in receipt of recurring Temporary Assistance, SNAP or Code A SSI benefits.

*Convert weekly income to monthly by multiplying income by 4.333333.
*Convert biweekly income to monthly by multiplying income by 2.166666.
**Amount increased per household member.