Workplace Violence


Workplace violence presents a serious occupational safety hazard for workers. During the last decade, homicide was the third leading cause of death of all workers. New York State requires public employers to perform workplace evaluations of each worksite. Risks associated with each worksite must be evaluated and appropriate action must be taken to eliminate or reduce the risk of violence.
Livingston County has formed a Workplace Violence Prevention Committee (“WVPC”) for the purpose of developing the County’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program and Procedures. The WVPC has evaluated each worksite, identified security risks, and made recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors for the elimination or reduction of such risks. The Board has approved action to implement appropriate recommendations for the protection of its employees. In the future, the County will continue to evaluate worksites and modify its safety/security actions as deemed appropriate. The following is the County’s program and procedures for workplace violence prevention.

Workplace Violence Committee Members:

Cynthia Sheflin - (585) 243-7295
Mary Clarke - (585) 243-7300
Andrea Bailey - (585) 243-7010
Phyllis Applin - (585) 243-7132